a     d     v     a     n     t     i     m     a     l    

    h o m e    

p r e s s

t o u r    d a t e s


read the recent calico beat magazine interview with the controversial frontcat of
houston based dance powerhouse a d v a n t i m a l, "dreyfus", on the business, the fans, clean fur, and most of all, the music

calico beat: exactly what do you think you're doing?

dreyfus: some would call it electronic dance music, or maybe try to push me into one of the many subcategories of edm. i think if you really think about it, it doesn't fit anywhere, and so i call it "feline dance music" or fdm.

cb: that's a fair answer to a not completely fair question. how often do you clean your fur?

d: i'm cleaning right now! [laughs]

cb: your critics have pointed to the long periods between releases and frequent "personnel issues" in the band. are you difficult to work with?

d: i see it as a mistake to think of music production the same way you would think of an assembly line, or really most businesses. i've been accused of letting the great destroy the good at times, but i hope you'll agree that the end result justifies the means. while it's true that musicians have been a constant source of disappointment for me, i believe they are essentially good, and i know they want to do good. eventually it all falls together.

cb: i checked the public records downtown earlier today. libel, breach of contract, assault? i stopped reading after a while - that's a lot of lawsuits. doesn't that slow you down?

d: like i said, you can't look at this the way you look at, say, a laundromat or a stupid magazine business. i understand most people have deadlines and vacations and and generally ok accounting and employee handbooks and workplace safety, or so i've heard. i can't let all that get in the way of the music. because you understand - it would, it really would.

cb: you have said that when you were a kitten, you didn't dance very much. what got you interested in dance music?

d: i still don't dance - i never did. cats don't really dance unless something is stuck to their fur. i got interested in dance music when i saw the effect it had on human beings. they jump around like something is stuck to their fur. but they don't have fur.

cb: do you want to talk about your upcoming release or your tour?

d: no.

cb: ok - well keep it clean - we'll see you in the club.

d: you know i will.

be on the lookout for a d v a n t i m a l 's long anticipated next release, "7"


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